Saturday 19th May 2018

Cliff Lakes, Warwickshire

ABOUT aztec escape

An Aztec Army have captured you from a neighbouring tribe and you are now being held prisoner deep inside the capital of the Aztec Empire. So far this year, thousands of people have been sacrificed to please the Gods, and you have been sentenced to the same fate.  What would you do to escape?

Aztec Escape is more than just another OCR race. It is about testing your limits, smashing your personal bests and escaping over some of the toughest obstacles to the finish line. It is about helping others along the way and making new friendships in the mud. It is about celebrating your achievement at our Aztec Village Finishers Festival wearing your new bling (medal) to show everyone just what a bad ass you are. 

2 RACE DISTANCES: 12km & 5km (+ 1.5km KIDS RACE)

VENUE: Cliff Lakes

Tamworth Road, Warwickshire, B78 2DL


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5km Sprint


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12km Battle


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Elite Wave


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On The Day

*10% Discount for teams of 4 or more. Prices shown exclude booking fees.

What You Get

  • Race Entry
  • Finishers Medal
  • Aztec Village Finishers Festival
  • Race day photos
  • Discounted Merchandise


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